Meet the Owner & Creator of Makeup Scientist

Makeup Scientist® is a scientific inspired cosmetic line created, operated, and owned by 27 year old North Carolina native Jess N'neka. Jess N'neka (N-knee-ka) is a self taught makeup artist and college graduate of East Carolina University with a study in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. Jess N'neka initially started her career as a self taught makeup artist in 2017 and slowly decided to research and learn about owning her very own cosmetic line. She begin to research and study all the aspects of the makeup industry in 2018, finally after years of research Makeup Scientist made its debut In April of 2020 with the viral sensation ErlenmeyerFlask shaped “Sodium Fine®” eye shadow palette. The Sodium Fine eye shadow palette sold out in the same day gaining over 2.8 million impressions via Twitter. Within one-year Makeup Scientist has earned numerous features on Buzzfeed, Nerd Bot, Chemical & Engineering Magazine, Madam Noire, Trend Mood, and the album Cover “Missunderstood” Most recently Makeup Scientist expanded product distribution to the Amazon Market, and is now a registered, trademarked, and certified seller on Amazon. Makeup Scientist has even earned a name in the consumer base of international buyers as well in Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Australia just to name a few. The creativity and visual concept of Makeup Scientist has captured the attention of consumers of all kind with multiple products inspired by science. Sodium Fine, the Lab Manual, and (Be)(au)(ty) Sponge are just a few of our exclusive products created and designed from scratch by Jess N'neka. Makeup Scientist is a fairly new black owned business brand, but within one year the brand has managed to build and establish a name in the beauty community that proves it is here to stay.